Tips For Safe Car Rental

Renting a car is a very simple process, as long as you have chosen a reliable company like Rentops. If you are coming to Greece for your first holiday, we want to give you some useful tips to avoid any pitfalls when renting a car.

Make An Early Reservation
If you have completed your ticket booking, there is no need to delay booking your car rental. The earlier you book, the better prices you will get. Car rental during the tourist season increases dramatically! You will also find a greater variety and availability of specific car models.

Choose A Complete Insurance Package
When you are on holiday as a visitor in a foreign country, the risks are greater and Rentops must protect you. When renting, we therefore recommend that you choose Full Insurance, which ensures that you are exempt from damages in the event of a collision or accident. Full Insurance is charged per rental day and indemnifies you against any amount of damage. (Note: Full Insurance excludes tyres, wheels, crystals).

Check The Fuel Policy
The most common policy on fuel is that you return the car with the same level of fuel that you pick up on the day of rental. For example, if you pick up the car with a full tank, you must return it with the same amount of fuel.

Read The Contract Carefully
Before proceeding with the car rental, we recommend that you read the terms of the contract very carefully. It is advisable to have done your research beforehand so that you have a complete picture of the prices, models and what each company offers. The terms and conditions for car rental should be posted on the car rental agencies’ website. See Rentops’ here: Car Rental Terms and Conditions

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