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Car Rental in Crete

Crete is the largest island and one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in Greece. Every year Crete attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world, who come to admire the unique beauty of this charismatic place. It is a charming island that exudes warm hospitality and enchants with its rich history and traditions, enchanting landscapes and famous local cuisine.

The best way to explore Crete is by renting a car. With Rentops, renting your car is quick and easy. You will choose the car you want, and we will make sure to deliver it to you wherever you are in the prefecture of Heraklion.

Crete is an island with more than 1000 km of coastline. This means that you have endless choices of dreamy lacey shores with crystal clear waters and exotic landscapes, such as the enchanting Vai rope forest, the eerie Elafonissi with its pink sand, the exotic Balos and the magnificent Golden Beach in Gaidouronissi.

In Crete the pace is calmer, more leisurely and each place is patiently waiting to be discovered. Rent a car from Rentops and venture out to tour small villages, magnificent gorges and wondrous beaches.

Crete is a place that invites you to explore it!


Where is Crete Located?

Crete is the largest island in Greece and is located at the southernmost tip of the country. It consists of four prefectures, Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno and Lassithi.

Which is the best way to explore Crete?

The car! Crete is a very big island, and so are the distances. If you don't have your own car, renting a car in Crete will help you explore the various places in comfort.

Where are the airports of Crete Located?

There are three airports in Crete. One is located in Heraklion, the second in Chania and the third, which is the smallest, is located in Sitia. Heraklion airport is the largest. Heraklion Airport and Chania Airport offer excellent car rental services.

Which are the best beaches in Crete?

Crete is famous for its stunning beaches in all prefectures. Among the most popular are Elafonissi, Falasarna, Seitan Limani(Harbor), Triopetra, Akoumiani Gialia, Balos, Preveli, Vai Palm Forest, etc.

What are the top attractions in Crete?

The top attractions in Crete are located in all prefectures. The most important are the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, the new Archaeological Museum of Chania, Spinalonga, Kourna Lake, Samaria Gorge, Knossos Palace, the Holy Monastery of Arkadi, the Aquarium (Cretaquarium) of Heraklion, the old town of Rethymnon, the old town of Chania, the Botanical Park.

10 Tips For Organized Car Rental In Crete!

Are you thinking of visiting Crete and wondering what is the best way to explore it? Don't wonder, because the best option is definitely renting a car! However, before you go ahead with the car rental, it would be good to know some information that will save you time, searching and hassle!

Why should you rent a car in Crete?

For autonomy, independence and greater security! Crete is a big island, with endless destinations to visit. However, these destinations are not always close, nor always in the same prefecture. So, if you don't want to worry about catching a bus or how much a taxi costs for a one-way trip, then the best and most economical solution for a multi-day or short holiday in Crete is to rent a car of your choice.

Where is it best to rent a car in Crete?

Crete is the largest island in Greece, with Heraklion as its capital. Heraklion has the largest and busiest airport on the island with hundreds of flights daily, especially during the tourist season from April to October. The same applies to the port of Heraklion, where many ships and cruise ships dock daily. So, we recommend you to choose Heraklion as the starting point of your trip and also as a base for your car rental.

When to book car rental in Crete?

The earlier you plan the booking the better. If you already know which dates you will be in Crete, definitely start looking 2-3 months in advance for car rental. This way you will definitely secure a better price and of course the vehicle of your choice. Especially if you are in Crete during the peak tourist season, we advise you to book online through the RENTOPS form easily and reliably!

Which car should I choose for my trip in Crete?

Three factors will determine the car you rent: how many people you will be, what your needs are and what your planning is. A family of four with older children may need a small city car. For families with young children who need car seats for children, we recommend renting an SUV, which is comfortable and has more storage space. For groups of individuals or groups of families, we suggest renting a Mini Van! Rentops has a rich selection of cars to choose the one that suits your holiday perfectly.

What are the car-rental prices, in Crete?

Prices depend on the period of your holiday, the type of car and its size. If you come to Crete during the peak tourist season you should be aware that prices are definitely increased. However, if you book for more days, many car rental companies offer special offers or bigger discounts. For example, car rental prices in the summer season in Crete range between 20€ - 50€/day.

Why should you declare a second driver?

To share the journey! Driving in a foreign country is often more difficult. Crete is a large island and the destinations are many kilometers from each other. You may get tired or feel unwell, so it's a good idea to have a second driver so that, if necessary, he can drive himself.

Which car to rent: manual or automatic?

If you don't plan to drive much out of town or if you don't have much experience in cars at speed, then we definitely recommend you choose a car with an automatic gearbox. If you intend to go long distances, then manual cars are definitely a better choice because of the acceleration and better control on open roads.

What to look out for in the car when renting?

You need to examine it carefully. Inspect it from all sides and take photos of any scratches or small dents. This way you are sure if any damage was caused by you or was previously present on the car.

What certificates do I need to have with me for renting a car in Crete?

To rent a car you will be asked for a valid identity card or passport, a driving license and a credit card in the name of the person who made the reservation. The same certificates are required for the second driver of the car.

Is driving in Crete Safe?

Crete is a beautiful place with a wide variety of landscapes. Driving in Crete is safe, as long as you keep to the speed limits, or even lower speed if you don't feel safe. Crete is made up of many mountains and in most cases the roads are full of twists and turns, without the necessary guard rails or adequate lighting. We therefore recommend that the car driver is experienced and always adhere to the speed limits for the safety of all passengers!


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