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Car Rental in Heraklion

Heraklion or “Chandakas” is the largest city and capital of Crete, located in the central and eastern part of the island. It is a wonderful tourist destination, combining ancient charm with modern urban life. Heraklion offers visitors from all over the world an authentic accommodation experience in a place that is bursting with endless experiences and exploration.

Heraklion has the largest port on the island as well as the Nikos Kazantzakis Airport. You choose the starting point and we at Rentops will make sure to provide you with the car of your choice to start your wonderful journey.

The Archaeological Museum that adorns the city is awe-inspiring with the findings of the Minoan excavations and the famous frescoes of Knossos. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the palace of Knossos, an architectural masterpiece dating back 3,000 years! For history lovers, a visit to the richest and most powerful city of Minoan times, Phaistos, is also a must.

Wander around the centre of Heraklion and enjoy your coffee in the famous Lion Square. Sample fine local delicacies in the amazing restaurants in the centre, sip a refreshing cocktail in the bustling central bars and indulge in the magic the city has to offer.

Rent, from Rentops, the car you have been dreaming of and start the exciting journey of wandering around the wonderful Heraklion.


How can I Visit Heraklion of Crete?

Heraklion is the capital of Crete and has an airport, 4 km from the city center, and a port at a distance of 1 km. During the summer months there are regular connections with both airlines and ferries.

Which are the most major attractions of Heraklion?

The Archaeological Museum, the archaeological site of Knossos, the Venetian Walls, the archaeological site of Phaistos, the square of the Lions, the Aquarium in Gouves and many excellent local wineries. Most of these are outside the city, so renting a car is the best option to visit them.

How far is Heraklion from Knossos?

The palace of Knossos is located about 15 km from Heraklion. To get there you will need about 15-20 minutes by car.

Where is the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion and how much is the ticket?

The Archaeological Museum is located in the centre of Heraklion. The cost of the ticket from 31 October to 31 March is 6 euros, and from 1 April to 1 November the cost of the regular ticket is 12 euros and the reduced ticket is 6 euros.

Do I need a car to get to Knossos?

Yes, you will. Knossos is about 15 km from Heraklion and by car it will take you about 15-20 minutes during the summer months. Renting a car is the easiest way to get around Heraklion.

Do I need a credit card to rent a car from Rentops?

No, it is not necessary to be a credit card holder. However, to prepay you must use a credit or debit card (Visa/Mastercard) and the name of the credit card holder must be registered as the driver’s name.

What are the payment methods for car rental?

You can pay by credit card (Visa/Mastercard), cash, or money transfer to a Rentops bank account.

Can I Cancel my Reservation?

Please let us know as soon as possible in case you wish to cancel the reservation. You can cancel the reservation free of charge up to 48 hours before the expected pick-up date of the car.

How old do I have to be to rent a car?

To rent a car, the driver must be over 21 years of age and the licence must be valid for more than one year.

How do I find the Rentops employee when I arrive?

The agent will meet you at the arrivals area of the Airport / Port. He/she will hold a sign with the name of Rentops and your full name.

What are the required documents for car rental?

You will need a valid driver’s license, valid ID or passport and a credit card for the deposit.

What do I do in case of a breakdown?

You should let us know immediately so that we know your exact location. We will make sure to call Roadside Assistance so that you can get the help you need in time. Rentops will immediately proceed to replace your car with a new one.

If my flight is delayed, will the Rentops employee wait for me to deliver the car?

Of course. Rentops employees know all your flight information. In case your flight is delayed, our employees will be aware of it and will be waiting for your new arrival time.

Is the second driver also charged?

No. In fact, we recommend that you register a second driver. Crete is a large island with equally long and tiring routes, so a second driver is essential.

What happens if I have to pay a ticket or a fine?

In case of a ticket or fine, it is your responsibility to pay it. Payment is made directly to the Rentops rental office. Please check the speed limit of your car, make sure to park in appropriate parking areas and follow the rules of the Greek Road Traffic Code.

Is car insurance included in the rental price?

Yes, insurance is included in the car rental so that you are covered in case of an accident. In the event of an accident the customer is obliged, regardless of fault, to complete an accident declaration under Article K70 of Greek Law.

What is the applicable policy on fuel?

The fuel policy is that the car is returned with the same amount of fuel as it had at the time of rental. If the tank was half full, you must return it with the same amount.

Is there a limit to the number of mileage I can cover?

No, there is no restriction. You can enjoy a carefree holiday by driving as many kilometres as you wish.

Are pets allowed inside the car?

Of course. Pets are welcome at Rentops. To avoid any damage to the car, please, during the trip, please rest the pet on the seat with a towel/blanket to keep the upholstery surfaces clean.

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